Please read the latest blogs about the PSDP written by participants, facilitators and members of the programme management team.

Supporting remote and online supervision during COVID-19

April 2020, Research in Practice Admin

In the last few weeks we have seen a huge shift to home working and use of online technology to connect with others and carry out core business in social care...

Transitioning from practitioner to practice supervisor

November 2019, Research in Practice Admin

So often the narrative about child and family social work can be negative and it is true that conversations frequently reflect the many challenges practice supervisors face. However, this not the whole story. Practice supervisors play an important role in supporting supervisees to become emotionally resilient practitioners and ensuring that social workers provide an excellent service to children and families...

Making the most of the Practice Supervisor Development Programme

August 2019, Research in Practice Admin

In order to embed their learning and to continue developing their skills after the Practice Supervisor Development Programme, supervisors need support and encouragement from their organisations. It is now nine months since we ran the first pilot cohort of the...

Place, space and time: Reflections on the bespoke Practice Supervisor Development Programme

July 2019, Research in Practice Admin

Jo Williams Providing Practice Supervisors with a place, space and time to learn, develop, reflect and network with other social workers, away from the workplace, is an incredibly valuable backdrop to the Practice Supervisor Development Programme. This week marks the anniversa...

Free writing a reflective assignment

October 2019, Research in Practice Admin

Gillian Ruch and Rachel Williams In this piece, we explore the benefits of free writing a reflective assignment on the Practice Supervisor Development Programme (or making and digesting an egg sandwich). Participants who have completed the Practice Supervisor Development Prog...

Be more penguin

March 2019, Research in Practice Admin

Gillian Ruch Our experiences of the Practice Supervisor Development Programme to date suggest that it is having a significant impact on how the participants are ‘finding their feet’ and developing more secure footings in their new roles. Indeed, they are learning to ‘be mo...

Reflective one-to-one development sessions

February 2019, Research in Practice Admin

My name is Lisa Thornton and I am a Practice Supervisor with Lincolnshire County Council. I am currently on a secondment in learning and development through funding from the South Yorkshire Teaching Partnership. I attended the Practice Supervisor Development Progra...